Sunday, February 06, 2005

High Holy Days

So I sat down to watch a little football, and a church service broke out. American civil religion at its best -- combined choirs of all the armed forces rendering the Star Spangled Banner at its most hymnic, two high priests (er ... ex-presidents), a liturgy of memory honoring "the greatest generation," and then the call for an offering (I mean, of course, commercials). What a worship service! It brought the entire congregation to its feet! Can I get an Amen!
Just once I'd like to see honored a peacemaker, or even someone who has given her life to teaching or working to end poverty.
I don't expect it; it would turn the entire system on its head.
If you want to see a real Super Bowl Sunday sermon, check out the Sunday comics today. In our hometown paper, the Washington Post, these two (Tank McNamara and Candorville) were printed side by side. That'll preach.
Enjoy the game.