Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Google Resolutions:

Did you see the Google doodle for New Year’s Day? After a short video of highlights from 2012 the screen resolved into a map of the world and resolutions for the new year popped up from various places on the globe where people entered commitments for 2013.
I was struck by the similarity of resolutions across the world – both in what was there and in what was not. There were precious few promises related to work life and finances, and a whole host of promises about things such as these:
Loose weight; spend more time with friends; better work/life balance; travel more; make music; run; get engaged; learn Italian; cook something from other cultures; shop less, save more; invest in humanitarian projects; join a theater group; volunteer monthly; cook every day; spend more time with family; play guitar at least a little every day; do a wine tasting; learn computer science; take life easier; yoga; get a puppy; make my wife dinner once a week; take care of my body; smile.
People everywhere around the world really do want the same kinds of things, and we all want lives that are richer in joy.
What do you want in life at this point? Are you resolving to do anything about it? What gets in the way?
Happy New Year!