Monday, October 08, 2012

In Case You Missed It ...

and really, I don't see how you could have, my middle child has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds in support of a documentary film project that expands on his student film, Crooked.
Crooked explores the music, musicians and instrument makers along Virginia's Crooked Road heritage tourism trail that winds through Southwest Virginia.
The culture of Old Time music, along with Bluegrass, is thriving in small towns and crossroads throughout the area, and Crooked tells the stories of the folk who keep folk music alive.
I served as "producer" of Crooked, which meant that when there was a bill to be payed I produced the wallet! But this time around, because it's no longer a school project, I'll get to help out with some of the writing, editing and interviewing that go into documentary film making. More than that, I'll get to spend a whole lot of time with our middle child, who is a talented, funny and fascinating young man. I'm really looking forward to that part of the journey!
To make this film on the level we believe it can be made we need some better tools than we had last winter -- refurbished, low-end video camera and borrowed computer! That's why Martin launched the Kickstarter campaign.
I won't be using this blog in relation to Crooked, but we have launched a film blog -- Crookedfilm -- where we'll chronicle the making of the movie, share footage and photographs and stories from the road, and generally keep in touch with folks who have supported this project.
Check back on that blog from time to time to see how we're progressing. And, if you like and are able, please support us on Kickstarter right now. That part of the project closes out in two weeks, and the way Kickstarter works, unless we meet Martin's goal (just $4,500) he won't receive any funds at all. So support the film if you like, and please share it with as many folks in your networks as you can.
Thanks so much!