Thursday, February 23, 2006

Always Low Prices

Check this one on Walmart art. Makes me want to run right out and shop. And then there's this, from Frederick Douglas: "I am one of those who think the best friend of a nation is he who most faithfully rebukes her for her sins-and he her worst enemy, who, under the specious and popular garb of patriotism, seeks to excuse, palliate, and defend them. " Thanks, cle. Of course, those of us faithfully rebuking stand to be sued by Walmart for definition -- as if the Waltons haven't defamed most everything they've touched. Oh, wait, you say. Douglas was talking about rebuking the nation and I'm railing on a rapacious corporation. Well, we live in the days when what's good for Walmart and other huge corporate interests is good for America. Or so they tell us.

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