Sunday, February 05, 2006

Happy Birthday Bonhoeffer

On the 100th anniversary of the great prophet, here are some links to Bonhoeffer including a link to a birthday reflection for seekers of peace and justice, info on a new documentary airing on PBS tomorrow, a link to the Bonhoeffer society, and the Barmen Declaration -- the statement of theological principles that guided the confessing church movement in Germany under Hitler. While Karl Barth wrote the declaration, Bonhoeffer was a central leader in the confessing church and the anniversary of his birth -- especially when it falls in a time of increasing confusion about ultimate authority and allegiance -- is a good time to reread Barmen. Happy Birthday Bonhoeffer.

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doug said...

There are pieces of Bonhoeffer's writing that really strike me as interesting.

First, his use of the word evangelical (in reference to the German Church). Let's think about how this word "evangelical" is used today. I think the first thought that comes to mind is conservative. But aren't we all called to be evangelists, and therefore evangelical with our faith? Yes! Meeting someone is an opportunity to share your life and love, who is Jesus Christ.

We're all called to be evangelists. In today's world of right and left, conservative and liberal, perhaps we should consider a new stand - one which everyone can share a common voice with - radical. That is radical grace, radical love, and a radical faith that changes lives, communitiies and the world.

(Of course, people will differ on how this will be acted out and what it will look like...)

Because, wasn't Jesus radical?

Second... what does the call of discipleship mean for us? Especially today.

What does it mean to call Jesus your Lord and Savior and to follow him? What is that cost? Bonhoeffer had his idea of what that cost was. It was radical.

Just some thoughts running through my mind...

Oh, and Happy Birthday Bonhoeffer!