Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Prayerful Thoughts

Hm, sorry for the lag in posts -- I've had many prayerful thoughts of late but few thoughts on prayer. I suppose that's what happens during a time of almost relentless bad news -- immigration policy that would have us welcome the stranger,* a mean-spirited proposal on marriage at Presbytery,** and endless war.*** Even the prospect of opening day for baseball brings its own asterisks this year, what with the steroid scandals. On the other hand, the cherry blossoms are bursting out, it was 65 and sunny and we walked to Maggie Moos for ice cream. A few prayers were answered today! The impossible will take a little while longer.

* provided the stranger has proper documentation.
** overwhelmingly defeated, thanks be to God.
*** no asterisk needed, actually.

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mr. doug said...

I'm attending a Toastmasters group in Deadwood, SD and one of the speakers last night was speaking on the topic of the steroid scandal. His focus was the asterisk. Thought that was interesting.

Don't feel down, though, because I welcome all strangers here to South Dakota!