Thursday, April 13, 2006

William Sloan Coffin

William Sloan Coffin, who put the militant in "the church militant," has joined the church triumphant. As we say in the church, his baptism is now complete in his death.
His was a life well lived and an eloquent voice for peace and justice. The world is a bit darker today for his light having left it. The nation, not to mention the Nation, is a lesser place for his passing, but a richer one for his having passed our way. There is a nice remembrance posted on Common Dreams. Oh, and another one, too.
Years ago, he was president of SANE/Freeze, for which I worked. Although I never met him, it turns out that he might have been my boss for a while -- I'm not sure if our tenures overlapped. Small world.

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yo sistah said...

I consider myself fortunate to have heard the Rev. Coffin speak in a Presbyterian church basement in Athens in the 80s. He was on a comeback tour for SANE/Freeze at the time, I believe. He was a great speaker, and said some things that night that really helped clarify my perspective. He didn't seem a bit fazed by the fact that his crowd was quite small--he was all energy, erudition and enthusiasm. He leaves some large shoes to fill. . .