Saturday, May 27, 2006

More on NSP

Here's another reflection on last week's Network of Spiritual Progressives conference.

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Pierre Radulescu said...

I was this long weekend in New York. I attended there the Memorial for my step mother (who died one year ago). The ceremony was at the Unitarian Church in Staten Island, where I have some friends. One of them is a very weird and simpathetic old Hungarian architect - we started with an argument (as always Romanians and Hungarians do) and we became quickly friends (as the guy is fantabulous - meaning fantastic and fabulous).

I talked at the Memorial with Marjorie Ramos, one of the most active members of their community and it remained that we would go on with some mails - as I want to understand better their way - I will wrtie then something on this blog (in poor English) and on my blog (in plain Romanian).

I told her about our community here in Clarendon.