Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Watering Weeds

Been a while since I posted. I've been watering weeds.
Actually, literally so for that past 20 minutes or so. We have a lovely little patch of flowers and ground-covering plants on a steep bank. We planted them for a patch of beauty -- and to avoid mowing grass on the bank.
For the past week almost all of my spare time has been spent in replacing a broken storm door. It's been a classic home improvement chore. In removing the old one I discovered that the root cause of the problem was that the decking outside had risen too high. In removing the decking I discovered the root cause of its rise and so on and so forth. So the new door remains in a box and two trips to the Depot later the new deck floor is almost installed as are the new steps that became an unplanned side benefit of the task.
The good news is that the weather has been nice.
The bad news is that the weather has been nice -- too nice. No rain. Plants need watering. Hm, garden needs weeding. No time. Oh, well. Let's water the weeds.
Much of life is like that. The logical order is not always, or even often, the possible order. So we do what we must when we can. Meanwhile, we water weeds.
I hope the coming days have a bit more time for posting, because I have some really good stuff to put up here. Keep checking back. Unless the weeds take over completely I should have time to get back here pretty soon.

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yo sistah said...

an old gardening saying is "one year's seeding, five years' weeding." Remember that while you water weeds. If you pay attention to your garden in the spring, then you won't have to pull the weeds later, and there won't be so many of them to pull, either. xx--sistah ecclesiastica