Thursday, March 08, 2007


We're doing a Lenten series in our house called "Enough." A group of us is coming together once a week to talk about what it means to live with enough. This evening one of the things we did together was imagine a "perfect day." We went around the group sharing aspects of a perfect day. There were common themes: friends, family, creation, good food and naps. Good conversations and good work were common, as well. I noticed some things that no one included: watching TV, shopping, expensive spas. In fact, the perfect day was remarkably free of consumer culture. So: what's in your perfect day?

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cledster said...

Imagining a perfect day got me thinking about day's I've actually experienced as near-perfect, and I was reminded of a recent family trip to Monticello: beautiful weather, leisurely travel, cultural stimulation, picnic lunch, splendid restaurant dinner, and no fighting. Sigh.