Friday, November 02, 2007

The Great Pumpkin

So, my 13-year-old is fond of posing this "eternal question": who's cooler, Jesus or Bob Marley?
As the pics of our punkin suggest, it's a tough call!
But what is beyond dispute? Just this -- there's nothing in the world cooler than carving Bob Marley's face into a gourd with a power saw! There were pumpkin bits flying all over the porch, and a few young trick-or-treaters were very frightened!
So, you be the judge: who's cooler?


yosistah said...

one question: how did you keep the pumpkin from exploding? or was it
a) a very large pumpkin
b) a very small saw
(I am imagining chainsaws here. . .)
We never got around to carving a pumpkin at all this year, and no one came to our door on Halloween. Kinda sad, really. Halloween is an elemental festival--the night of winter is closing in

Christian Wright said...

It was a medium-sized pumpkin, a Skill jigsaw with a pretty short, fine-toothed blade, and a very light touch! It did create a mess o' instant pie filling, though. Lot's of fun. I highly recommend it.