Monday, November 26, 2007

a simple twist of fate

I was out running this morning and hit an uneven piece of pavement hidden under fallen leaves. So now I’m sitting in the kitchen with ice on a mildly sprained ankle searching for the metaphor that must be hidden in this minor event. I’m sure it’s there, hidden just like the crack in the roadway, ready to tip the unsuspecting and unbalanced, to stretch the ligaments that bind us together, and to leave one sipping red wine while contemplating the hidden meanings in a single misstep. Oh, to hell with it. I’ll just sip the wine, wait for the other drugs to take effect and go read the comics.

1 comment:

SD Doug said...

I don't know if doing drug cocktails with a glass of wine is a good idea. And drinking alcohol during the day? Gosh you boozer.

If I'm in DC next spring, you can bring the coffee and I'll bring the Baileys.

Hope you're ankle is feeling better!