Monday, March 03, 2008

Being a Mocha Liberal Today

The peace witness is this week. Months of praying and planning, and now final frantic moments of last-minute details and waiting and wondering.
But the details are not dragging me down, nor are concerns about "numbers." First, because we are called to witness not to "success" -- whatever that might mean. But, more to the point, because it is an absolutely beautiful early spring day in the DC area. Sunny, mid-60s. Perfect weather for my first good bike ride in a long while, and, now, perfect weather for sitting in my favorite coffee shop, sipping iced mocha, and catching up on all the e-mail.
I will probably be quiet on the blog again for most of the week, but trust that the crush of this particular season of faith will lighten after these days of witness pass. Peace.

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