Thursday, May 29, 2008

Meanwhile in Oklahoma

Doors may be opening in California and New York, but some folks seem bound and determined to slam the door and bash those who might dare walk through them. Last month, Oklahoma Republican Rep. Sally Kern told a local GOP meeting about a looming threat to America:

"Studies show that no society that has totally embraced homosexuality has lasted more than, you know, a few decades. So it's the death knell of this country. I honestly think it's the biggest threat our nation has, even more than terrorism or Islam, which I think is a big threat. OK?

"'Cause what's happening now is they are going after, in schools, 2-year-olds, and this stuff is deadly, and it's spreading, and it will destroy our young people, and it will destroy this nation."

Kern claims that her comments, widely viewed on YouTube, have been taken out of context, but, with reference to the Bible, she offered no apologies. Her fellow Oklahoma Republicans seem to be standing behind her, and her supporters have staged rallies at the state Capitol.

"I told the people when I was running for this office that I was a Christian candidate and that I believed we were in a cultural war for the very existence of our Judeo-Christian values," Kern said.

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