Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fashion a Statement

Someone passed along a note to me today saying that the blog would be better if it touched more on fashion. So, this one's for you.
John Bell was with us this week as charming house guest and as musical guest for a concert evening. Normally I'd go on at length about his remarkable music or his hysterical stories, or staying up till 1:30 Wednesday evening chatting and drinking wine with him, but this is a fashion column today so I'll focus instead on his remarkable shoes.
His was unmistakable and unmissable standing in front of Union Station Monday afternoon in his typical bright shirt and bright red Dr. Martens. Amazing shoes! In the kingdom of God they wear such shoes, and, in the kingdom of God they come in half sizes.
I've looked at many a Dr. Marten over the years, and tried on quite a few. Alas, my feet fall in a half size range and the Docs have all felt either a bit tight or a bit loose. However, the red ones are such that one might just suffer a bit for fashion. After all, they are the proper dress for the kingdom so some sacrifices must be made.

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Anonymous said...

The Doc's shoes have never felt quite at home on my feet, either. Your neice, as you know, favors SILVER, or cat feet. She's willing to suffer for fashion, too, so doesn't mind that they don't fit right. Somehow, I think that shoes fit for the kingdom of heaven should also fit your feet just right! Just imho, but I know my mind ain't right when my feet are hurting (personally, I imagine a koh where barefoot is always comfortable, and there are no stinging insects hiding in the grass to step on--or sharp stones or broken glass bits, either)
peace out--yo sistah