Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Praying for the Church

Today's invitation begins with a reading from one of the Pauline letters in which Paul describes the church at its best. We are asked to pray for the church.
This is an invitation I can embrace whole-heartedly. Indeed, sometimes I take the church directory and read through it as a prayer for the congregation at Clarendon. Other times I simply give thanks for this community and for being blessed enough to work with them as friends and colleagues in ministry.
This evening I spent an hour with five fascinating folks who will be joining the church next month. (A sixth new member, another fascinating guy, was off sailing around Antigua. Why did he not need a chaplain for that trip?!?)
Clarendon is certainly not perfect; no church is. But it is full of grace and joy and faith and passion. My prayer is one of profound gratitude.


mibi52 said...

Looks like the adorable child wasn't drowned or folks need one of those nifty immersion baths that all the fancy churches are getting.

Thanks to you and Cheryl again for the delightful after-AFAC dinner the other night. great food, great company - what more could I ask for?

Byron said...

David - great post! Sounds like you have a wonderful community that is prayed and cared for by you. We're not all perfect and if we realize that we are called to be faithful than that is all that matters!