Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Should we? Can we? Will we?

Plan to join us April 29. The worship will be powerful and beautiful, as will be the witness at Lafayette Park. Please share this with your networks.


Anonymous said...

Hey Pastor --

Didn't you vote for (and rather actively support) Barack Obama for President?

How's that working out?

I'm sure I can look forward to many loud and forceful denunciations of the current President from you.

After all, the current President has announced that he is sending 21,000 MORE troops to fight and die in Afghanistan.

So, Pastor, when will I see you denounce Obama for the terrible WarMonger he is?

Oh, one more thing -- aren't there still prisoners at Guantanamo?

Where are your denunciations of Obama for allowing Guantanamo to remain open for business?

cledster said...

Let me explain a point of protocol, anonymous commenter: usually a comment in some fashion pertains to the blog post. One great thing about the Internet is that anyone can maintain a blog to express himself. Perhaps that would be an option for your opinions.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the tutorial in protocol, cledster.

How's Obama doing for you? Do you like the fact that he went to Europe and actually requested the nations of Europe to send more troops to wage war in Afghanistan?

Let's see -- troops are still in Iraq, and Guantanamo is still open for business.

And still I see no denunciations of Obama.

Only lessons in protocol.

One of the great things about the internet is that someone can ask questions of another person who has chosen to post his thoughts on the internet.

Chistian Wright has chosen to post on his blog his invitation to an event on April 29.

But I see NO denunciation of the current Commander in Chief -- the man who could, if he chose to, bring the US troops home from both Iran and Afghanistan. Instead, he has chosen to commit more US Troops to Afghanistan and to ask Eupore for more troops to wage war in Afghanistan.

Where, or where, is the outrage at President Obama for escalating the unjust war against the peaceful people of Afghanistan? Where, or where, is the outrage at President Obama for continuing to keep American troops occupying the sovereing nation of Iraq?

I don't see it here on this blog of this pastor who blogs for peace and makes a big show of his witness for peace.

And I wonder why there are no ringing stinging powerful denunciations of the Commander in Chief (but I think I know the answer).

cledster said...

Perhaps this blogger prefers not to engage in personal attacks.