Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Freedom Summer

Images of freedom. At the top, Michael Kinnemon, general secretary of the National Council of Churches (and dean at Lexington Theological Seminary when I was a student there many years ago -- and a fine hoops player, too), speaking at the National Religious Campaign Against Torture witness in front of the White House last week calling for a full investigation of the instances of torture during the terror war. In the middle, a desk in Freedom Hall in Philadelphia on which the Declaration of Independence was signed a few years back (and which we visited a few weeks ago).
Bottom: the foundations of my family life and marriage shutter once again as my daughter leads the More Light Presbyterians contingent in the DC Metro Pride Parade along with the Rev. Rusty Lynn.

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mibi52 said...

Good to see some dear familiar faces in the picture. Good, too, to see the faithful witness to what is right and good.

Peace, my friend, and thanks again for coming to the ordination.