Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Complexion Complex

It is not necessarily surprising that this should happen in the year 2009, but it is mind boggling that someone would say that allowing 60 African-American kids into the pool threatens to "change the complexion" of a club -- and in the city of brotherly love no less.
Meanwhile, here in the Old Dominion, as the "staycation" continues, I took my daughter and her friend Tasnim (whose name accurately suggests that her family is not native to these parts) to the public swimming pool. I was walking behind them across the parking lot and it occurred to me that within my lifetime a little girl with skin the beautiful shade of Tasnim's would not have been able to walk so free of care to a public pool in Virginia to swim with all the pale-skin kids. Of course, the pool here today was full of a rainbow of folks enjoying the clear blue sky and not giving a second thought to the complexities of complexion.
Why does this remain so difficult for so many?

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