Thursday, September 17, 2009

ACORN -- this vote was nuts

Here is a letter I sent today to Virginia's U.S. Senators:
Dear Senator Webb,
As one who supported you and volunteered for your campaign I am deeply disappointed and, quite frankly, disgusted by your vote on the ACORN funding cut.
As I am sure you know, ACORN is one of the few organizations in the United States that works solely to assist the poor and most vulnerable citizens. As with any large organization, including the United State Senate, they have their problems and have made their mistakes.
But how is it possible to cut the tiny federal funds for ACORN and continue massive federal expenditures to contractors such as Blackwater, whose employees have killed people?
This is a craven political vote of the worst kind, and I expect far better from someone who was born fighting.
Rev. Dr. David Ensign
I left the "born fighting" reference off of the Warner letter. In any case, that's the angriest letter I've ever sent to a public official.


Dav said...

Thank the Lord I converted to Catholicism and am largely spared this Protestant Liberation Theology blather. I wonder how robust is the congregational growth rate at Clarendon Presbyterian? I would bet anemic at best since so many potential congregants are just so dim and dense they don't understand the special relation Clarendon Presbyterian and CP's spiritual shepherd have with the Lord. This special relationship allows Clarendon Presbyterian to focus on support of any tin-horn left-wing socialist and totalitarian cause in preference to spiritual guidance to the parishioners. Dr. Ensign, you have missed your true calling as a pastor of a state approved church in Soviet Russia.

Anonymous said...

This is the angriest letter you've ever sent to a public official?


I would have thought you would have sent a much, much angrier letter to President Obama.

After all, we are still in Iraq. Prisoners are still being held in Guantanamo. We are contemplating sending MORE troops to Afghanistan. GBLT people still cannot serve openly in the armed forces of the USA.

And you choose to send your angriest letter to a public official over the cut-off of funds to some community organization?

I thought you cared about peace, torture, equality for all, and all those other issues.

cledster said...

Dav, perhaps you should visit CPC before leaping to conclusions...we welcome all.

Anon: time for something new...that horse died months ago

Anonymous said...

cledster --

CPC welcomes ALL? Really? Do you welcome somewho who believes that women should not be ordained as Elders or as Ministers of Word and Sacrament? Do you welcome someone who God must have made to be a pedophile (because the person cannot help himself)? Do you welcome someone who actually voted for George Bush -- twice! -- and who believes that going to war in Iraq was a good thing?

My guess is that the "welcome" given to such people, if they were to show up at CPC, would be that they were wrong to feel or believe the way they do. They would be silenced pretty quickly, I would guess. They would become "second class" members at CPC.