Sunday, October 04, 2009

Worship Notes

We were ecclesiastically disobedient today: two elders serving at table -- the first out, gay, partnered elder in Virginia and the first out, gay, partnered clerk of session in Virginia presided at table on this world communion day. Someday soon the broader church will recognize their trailblazing service, and their respective loving relationships such they the awkward and legalistic "partnered" will become "married."
Oh, what the hell: the first married gay elders (not to each other ... married couples should not serve on session together!).

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Anonymous said...

Two thoughts on this post:

First, why the emphasis on the fact that the two elders who served Communion were both partnered? What difference does that make? If they were straight, would you make a big deal out of the fact that they were married? Is a gay person only eligible to be an elder or to serve Communion if he or she is partnered? If so, why?

Second, you do sound rather legalistic when you say "married couples should not serve on session together". Why would you say such a thing? Shouldn't the church recognize the service that a married couple serving together on session could offer to God and the larger church? Are you suggesting that God cannot or does not call married couples to serve together on a session?