Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Note to the White House

It is all but impossible to get through the White House comment line these days, so I resorted to brief e-mail to register input on the upcoming Afghanistan decision.
Dear Mr. President,
Thank you for including faith communities in gathering input on Afghanistan/Pakistan policy. It was an honor to join the group last week at the Eisenhower building.
As you near your final decision, please be mindful of the dismal history of military responses to insurgencies, and focus U.S. policy on diplomatic, political and humanitarian responses to the problems in Afghanistan.
Please be honest in your assessment of the "surge" in Iraq, and know that any similar surge in Afghanistan will likely accomplish no more than creating isolated zones of temporary safety.
True peace is not merely the absence of violence; it is the presence of justice. Please seek peace and pursue it.
Blessings on you and your family in the midst of such difficult times.
Rev. Dr. David Ensign
Christian Peace Witness
Clarendon Presbyterian Church


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute.

You are reduced to sending an email to the White House?

Can't you call your good friend, Kal Penn? After all, you did actually see him in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building -- right next door to the West Wing! -- didn't you?

Or why don't you just pick up the phone and call one of the two members of the National Security Council who listened ever-so-intently as you and others shared their thoughts on Afghan policy?

Surely, if you can't reach the two members of the National Security Council (perhaps they were at the lavish state dinner last night and unavailable to take you call?), you could at least reach the assistant?

You said earlier that the two National Security staffers paid attention and that they noted that there was "remarkable agreement" among the faith groups.

It appears, given that President Obama is about to follow in the steps of Presidents Johnson and Bush, and escalate a quagmire in Asia, that the two NSC staffers simply ignored you and others.

Could it be that they simply wanted to be able to say that the "listened" to faith groups? That it was all a show -- and nothing more?

Surely President Obama would not stand for something like that!

He is the President of Hope and Change!

By the way -- how many poor and homeless people did President Obama invite to dinner at the White House on Tuesday night?

cledster said...

give it up, anon-a-yawn; your rhetoric is witless and dull

Anonymous said...

At what point -- before or after President Obama's speech next Tuesday? -- will you organize a group to go to the White House and DEMAND that our war-mongering president bring our troops home NOW?!

Innocent people are being killed in Afghanistan!

Don't you CARE?

Our president is actually going to order a "surge" of troops into Afghanistan!

Don't you CARE?

It's time to ACT!

President Obama has shown that he is just like Bush and Cheney -- a WAR MONGER!

Don't YOU care?

cledster said...

"net-iquette" dictates that cap's indicate shouting; kindly maintain a civil tone, anon-a-yawn