Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bonhoeffer on Advent

“We have become so accustomed to the idea of divine love and of God’s coming at Christmas that we no longer feel the shiver of fear that God’s coming should arouse in us. We are indifferent to the message, taking only the pleasant and agreeable out of it and forgetting the serious aspect, that the God of the world draws near to the people of our little earth and lays claim to us. The coming of God is truly not only glad tidings, but first of all frightening news for everyone who has a conscience.”


Anonymous said...

What an absolutely ridiculous thing for Bonhoeffer (or anyone else) to say.

God is LOVE. God LOVES EVERYONE -- unconditionally! Why should anyone feel any shame? God LOVES them?

Why should anyone conscience bother them? God LOVES them!

Surely God LOVES those whose passions drive them to cheat on their spouses.

Surely God LOVES those whose passions drive them to purchase all the latest "toys" for themeselves and those they love.

Surely God would NEVER judge anyone.

Because God is LOVE.

cledster said...

Wondering what seminary you trained in, anon-a-yawn...or, more to the point, where you studied logic to make these fantastic leaps

Anonymous said...

Why, my logic is the same used by so many seminary-trained pastors these days.

It goes like this:

God is Love.

God loves me.

God loves what I do.

Therefore, I can do whatever I like, and God loves it.

Since God loves whatever I do, the church should also love and affirm my behavior.

If someone does not affirm my behavior, then that person is hateful.

Hate is bad, because God is Love.

Therefore, those who refuse to affirm my behavior are not Godly.

Because God is Love.

See how that works?

It's really quite simple.

I'm suprized you don't "get it".

cledster said...

specious reasoning, anon-a-yawn