Thursday, March 25, 2010


This week, in a book I'd set aside at least two years ago, I found a slip of paper on which I had written a couple of commitments: to practice patience and to find moments of joy to celebrate each day.
I was an excellent reminder to stumble across just now. We are almost to the end of Lent, and stand at the moment on the edge of Holy Week. Holy Week demands patience, as we move from the waving of palms and the loud "hosannas" to betrayal, crucifixion and the longing for new life.
Personally, I'm forced to wait right now, as I continue to be homebound with my injured ankle. Moreover, my laptop has resisted all efforts at resurrection! So, I can't get out because I can't drive or walk much, and I can't communicate with the ease we've all become accustomed to.
Obviously my Lenten commitment has gone the way of the laptop!
The situation has also challenged that old commitment to patience and celebration, to be sure. On the other hand, it has driven me back to some books I'd set aside, including John Crossan's God & Empire, in which I found the slip of paper.
Crossan invites us to confront the questions that inevitably arise when Christian faith confronts political empire. As we marked last week the seventh anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, and as we mark next week the death of Jesus at the hands of the empire of his day, it seemed a timely coincidence that I should return to this book and find in it my own promise to practice patience and to seek joy.

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