Saturday, May 29, 2010

In All Things, Moderation

I don't reckon Plato had blogs and spam in mind when he suggested moderation but that's what it's come to friends. A few of you offer comments from time to time and I welcome them -- even the persistently argumentative and disputatious ones. When I started this little thing years ago I imagined that it might serve sometimes as a place of dialogue and a few times it actually has. I continue it because I find it a useful, even helpful, discipline. If a few folks find my ramblings amusing or provocative, that's an added plus as far as I'm concerned. However, when spammers start leaving comments with links to on-line Chinese pornography -- why am I surprised that there is such a thing -- I'm drawing the line. So I've turned on the "moderate comments" option. I promise never to block even the most obnoxious comments if they are remotely on point, as long as it doesn't link to something disgusting. Keep it clean, people!

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